Frequently asked questions

The Shropshire Lass II and The Shropshire Lady

How far can we go on the Lass?

The speed limit on the canal is 4 mph and although this means you could travel a good distance in a day, canal holidays provide the ideal opportunity to relax and get away from the hurly burly of every day life. A group staying for a week’s hire should comfortably aim to travel to Llangollen and back, providing ample opportunity to enjoy the local towns and sights on the way.


What are the facilities like on the canal?

There are a good number of pubs, shops and marinas all within easy access of the canal. There are guide books on the boats, which lists the facilities available and highlights any particular access problems.


What are the sizes of the lift on the boats?

Shropshire Lass Cruiser’s lift is 49 ins x 31 ½ ins (125 cms x 80 cms).


What size of wheelchair can be accommodated?

The maximum width is 26ins on the Lass and 28″ on the Lady.


Can I recharge equipment on the Lass?

Some electrical equipment can be recharged on the Lass, for example mobile phones and electric wheelchairs.  There is an inverter on the Lass (not a generator). This converts 12 to 240 volts and is capable of 1600w continuous use. Therefore it will depend on the wattage of the item being used. Any item near 1600w should only be used when no other 240 volt power is switched on. If anything near this power is used for more than 10 – 15 minutes the engine should be run at the same time.


Is there a shaving point on the Shropshire Lass?

No, there is no shaving point on the Shropshire Lass, but a standard three point plug (240v) is available for use. This can be used to recharge a range of electrical equipment, including for some medical purposes.

This point is also suitable for use as a shaving point with a suitable adaptor (not supplied).


Can I use a hairdryer?

Yes, but not high power ones – the maximum should be 1800 watts.  Anything above this has been known to stop the electricity supply.


Are there hoists for the beds?

No – there are no hoists.  One of the upper bunks on the Lass can be pushed up out of the way to enable easy access to the lower bunk. It is recommended that the moving of the upper bunk is done under the supervision of an able bodied person.


What are the sizes of the bunks and bed?

All top bunks measure 550mm wide and all bottom bunks are 650mm wide

The 2 rear bunks are 1870mm long
The 2 middle bunks are 1900mm long
The 2 front bunks are 1910mm long

The pull-out double bed measures 1180mm wide and 1950mm long


Can I bring my dog or other pets?

Pets are only allowed by prior agreement at the time of booking.

In the interest of hygiene, all groups hiring the boat(s) are asked to ensure that pets are adequately walked and the boat(s) is swept clean of dog hairs prior to departure from the boat at the end of holiday.


Where can we park our car if we are using the boats?

There are ample parking facilities at the wharf side and groups are asked to use only the parking bays provided.

Groups are also advised to ensure that their cars are properly secured as vehicles are parked at the owners risk.