Where to go on the Shropshire Lady

Our Skipper will help you plan your trip, below are a few options.

The most popular trip on the Lady is to head west through Ellesmere.

The furthest recommended trip is to the Narrow Boat Inn at Maestermyn where you can stop for lunch (use this link for a typical menu).  This is a full day trip, approximately 3 hours there and 2 hours 45 minutes return depending on the traffic on the canal.  If you wish to lunch at the Narrow Boat, please phone the Inn and book a table – 01691 661051.  Service normally ends at 2.30pm so take this into account in your planning for the day but you should check when you book.

The shortest trip is to Ellesmere. There is a turning spot about 20 minutes past the town which will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes each way.  A trip to the junction of the Llangollen and Montgomery canals will take in the region of 2 hours 15 minutes each way.

East bound there are 2 options.  Firstly to the junction with the Prees branch which will take approximately 1 hour 45 minutes each way.  Secondly, going up the Prees branch and turning in Whixall marina taking approximately 2 hours 15 minutes each way.  This trip goes through 2 lift bridges which will need manhandling each way.

There is now a café at Whixall Marina.  The café owners have asked that only food purchased at the café is consumed at the tables.  If you are bringing a picnic and stop at the café your picnic should be eaten on the Lady.

Whixall Marina Cafe – click here to see the latest menu

Where to go on the Shropshire Lady Canal Boat